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Game Layer

The Game Layer is one of the cornerstones of the WaveCenter Platform infrastructure along with blockchain, AI, and Web3. The game layer is native to the platform, and designed so that every single activity any member engages in at any level of the technology stack is recorded and evaluated against a set of scoring criteria. 

Members will identify actions that can be engaged in through the platform, and they will arrive at a consensus value in terms of tokens for each action. For examples:

  • Checking in code on the integrated IDE for an application project
  • Adding content to the community blog
  • Commenting on another user’s post
  • Completing a task in the PMG
  • Watching a video
  • Purchasing a product or service

Literally every action that can be taken in the system should be identified and have an objective value associated with it.

There are two types of scoring: Objective and Subjective.

Objective scores are set scores for specific actions established through consensus that are automatically assigned when an action is taken. 

Subjective scores are assigned on an ad hoc basis by members based on the perceived quality of inputs. 

For example, a member makes a comment about a video and receives 2 tokens. Another person comes along and likes their comment. The person who liked the comment receives one token, and the person who’s comment was liked receives one token. If a lot of people like a certain comment, the user who made the comment will receive far more tokens based on the subjective quality of the comment than they did for just posting it. 

Developing the game layer scoring system is as much a collaborative project as any other project on the WaveCenter. Members will be earning tokens through the game layer while working on the game layer itself. 

The number of game layer activities will continue to expand indefinitely as the number of applications based on WaveCenter grows, and members finding consensus on the relative values of tasks will be a perpetual task. 

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