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Welcome to WaveCenter


Web3 technologies are one of the cornerstones of the WaveCenter platform along with blockchain, AI, and the game layer. 

It could well be argued that those elements are all included under the umbrella of Web3. Nevertheless, blockchain, AI and the game layer are so significant that they are worth highlighting individually, while Web3 in this context represents all the other aspects of the modern web, including: 

Decentralization: Unlike the centralized structure of Web2, where a single entity has control over the entire network, WaveCenter is built on decentralized protocols and networks. This means no single entity can have full control over the entire system.

Trustless Interactions: WaveCenter enables users to interact with each other without needing to trust a central authority. The trust is established through cryptographic verification and consensus mechanisms.

Data Sovereignty: WaveCenter users have control over their own data and personal information. They can decide who to share it with, rather than having it controlled by large corporations.

Interoperability: WaveCenter will be developed with interoperability in mind from the ground up. It will operate cleanly and consistently regardless of form factor. It will seamlessly integrate with any modern application with an API.

Smart Contracts: Smart contracts will mediate all transactions involving the exchange of tokens. They are self-executing contracts with the terms directly written into code. They automatically execute actions on the blockchain when certain conditions are met, removing the need for intermediaries.

Enhanced Privacy and Security: Through the use of cryptographic techniques, WaveCenter will enhance privacy and security compared to traditional web architectures. Users have more direct control over their personal information, and the decentralized nature of the networks makes them more resistant to single points of failure.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Integration: WaveCenter will adopt state-of-the-art UX technologies such as VR and AR. We will explore new paradigms in UX such as those being developed by HU.MA.NE. 

Community Governance: WaveCenter is designed to be 100% governed by the consensus of the community. The native game layer ensures every member can anonymously vote on every aspect of the development, operation, and administration of the organization. 

Sustainability Concerns: A primary purpose of WaveCenter is to support the development of solutions to address the environmental concerns associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Global Inclusion: By lowering barriers to entry and reducing reliance on traditional financial institutions, Web3 has the potential to provide financial services and other applications to underserved populations around the world.

Let’s Create Reality Together

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Following are some of the thought leaders who are helping clarify the socioeconomic dynamics that WaveCenter is tapping in to.