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WaveCenter Solves the GameA to GameB Transition Problem

There has been a growing sense in the collective consciousness of Humanity that the established socioeconomic order has been fundamentally corrupted and is driving civilization toward a dystopian future.

It’s a complicated confluence of myriad forces and institutions that some have referred to as the Meta-crisis.

A significant percentage of the population seem to have a distinct sense that a tiny number of super elites control the vast majority of resources and use it to effectively reinforce and extend their domains and enslave the masses until they have outlived their usefulness as units of production. 

Talk about dystopian. But honestly, this is already the case for the majority of people in the world. And with the advent of AI and advanced robotics, the trend is accelerating rapidly. The sense of impending doom is palpable among a broad cross-section of our population.

Many thought leaders have been articulating the causes and consequences of this rolling dynamic, this Moloch, including Tristan Harris, Jim Rutt, Jordan Hall, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Forrest Landry, Peter Diamandis, Mo Gawdat, Jamie Wheal, Charles Eisenstein, Liv Boeree, Joe Edelman and many others. Though people are addressing the issues from various perspectives such as social media dysphoria, financial system manipulation, and wealth inequality, (a la blind men considering the elephant) the contours of the overall situation have been pretty well outlined.

But while the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of the problem have been explored, a specific plan to address the ‘How’ of changing the current trajectory to one that is more equitable and beneficial continues to be elusive.

When the question comes around to exactly how we can achieve such a critical mass sufficient to trigger a fundamental shift out of the established GameA attractor and gracefully into a radically different GameB attractor, the conversation seems to die down. People point to this or that potential movement with some novel ideas. But so far, no project really stands out.

(Apologies to anyone who believes they have a viable, specific plan to resolve the meta-crisis. If I failed to recognize you, it’s just because I haven’t discovered your signal amidst all the noise. Please contact me to discuss synergies!)

Whatever else is involved, the path to success in this endeavor certainly involves getting massive numbers of people (on the order of hundreds of millions or billions) to act together in a coordinated manner.

I have yet to see a truly kick-ass plan for a robust and exciting solution capable of actually becoming a Third Attractor on a scale capable of absorbing and even drawing energy from our impending meta-crisis.

Other than WaveCenter, that is.

WaveCenter is a new project intended to allow groups of people to collaboratively design, develop, build, operate, administer, govern, own and use a next generation platform based on the underlying primary objective to make the leap from the legacy GameA ecosystem to a sustainable, meta-stable GameB ecosystem.

WaveCenter will be developed from the ground up to harness the collective knowledge, technology, wisdom, capital and resources assembled by Humanity to date, and leverage all of it synergistically and exponentially to vault across the chasm between our legacy GameA ecosystem to a positive future that trends towards utopia.

The plan is innovative and original and loaded with technological advances.

Most importantly, WaveCenter is designed to harness the psychosocial dynamics that are essential to accomplishing this great quest, including the single entrenched mindset that currently holds society locked in the grips of Moloch.

The founder of WaveCenter is currently seeking passionate collaborators to help establish the first stage of this project.

To inquire about the details of the project, please reach out today.

Let’s Create Reality Together

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Following are some of the thought leaders who are helping clarify the socioeconomic dynamics that WaveCenter is tapping in to.