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Blockchain Businesses in a Box

One of the key obstacles to the transition to blockchain is the need to get objects and activities in the real world associated and engaged with the blockchain. This is why Chainlink is so critical. It is the bridge between the blockchain world and the real world.

Even more important than objects is getting people transitioned to blockchain, and that is what BlockchainBob is all about. It is an education site that is full of lots of free, curated education about blockchain. We will start with popular educators on Youtube like Dapp University and Alpha Chain. Eventually we will develop our own content.

Like any content site, there will be plenty of free, entry-level content, with some premium content, (i.e. more technical workshops, master classes, etc.). But the ultimate conversion event will be the business opportunities such as the Chainlink Validation Node Operator or Crypto Arbitrage at prices ranging from $500 to $10K+.