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WaveChains |

Certified Chainlink Validator Nodes

WaveChains is the name of a federation of Chainlink validation node operators. All of these operators acquire their nodes through our WaveChains portal and rely on the tech support from WaveChains that ensures they are 100% compliant with all standards for security, privacy, availability and reliability. 

Being part of the WaveChains federation lends credibility to the individual node operators. Once established, a node operator will have their own wavechains address, e.g., can use the wavechains login in advertising, subject to restrictions. 

Operators can decrease their costs in LINK associated with IT support by learning more about technical aspects of the service and taking on the support of their own node, as long as they maintain performance standards. 

Following are some of the key steps to execute on this project. 


  1. Hire developer from Upwork to set up a valid node AND/OR
  2. Work with, which is a model firm, to set up a node and learn business
  3. Establish optimal platform (GCP, AWS, niche), configurations
  4. Develop automated deployment processes for on-demand setup
  5. Establish tiered tech support to ensure 99.99% uptime (or whatever the standard is)
  6. Document all specs, settings, processes, etc. for easy reference
  7. Figure out how to market and sell validation service
  8. Develop reliable marketing strategy that will attract a steady number of qualified leads
  9. Establish monthly node net income (after gas and other costs) of $2K
  10. Establish ‘Certification’ criteria
  11. Develop bizopp website and marketing material (content, creative
  12. Develop bizopp marketing strategy (PPC, Social, SEO (, video, email)
  13. Develop membership website with integration to the nodes, (i.e. our UI is their portal to their node(s)
  14. Develop customer support program
  15. Expand product offerings