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Each one of the following projects could be considered a business in it’s own right. Working together as a consortium, they will have a synergistic effect and place us at the epicenter of the Blockchain Revolution.

As you will see by perusing each of these projects, they are all related to varying degrees. We have a very brandable names for each one of these projects. While we already own the domains for a few of them, we would need to purchase them from the owners in some of the cases. In all cases, the domains can be acquired, if we determine it is worth the cost.

This is an extremely ambitious set of projects — certainly more than the three of us can handle. We will need to invest in some contract labor and/or prioritize these projects and develop them in turn. To that end, I have arranged them in roughly my rank order, but this is all subject to discussion. – The Ultimate Blockchain Directory – Certified Chainlink Validation Node Operators

Crypto Arbitrage – Automatic Income Generating Machine – Blockchain Business Opportunity in a Box (including education) – Directory of DApps, platforms, games, etc. built natively on blockchain – Blockchain development agency. – League of blockchain thought leaders.

Wavechain Coins, Tokens, Oracles and DApps – Developed by for various purposes