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Welcome to WaveCenter

Digital Life Management Platform

WaveCenter is envisioned as a next-gen organization capable of solving the global meta-crisis. 

But that’s the big picture. We’ll get to all that in due course. Down at the core of this sprawling organization, there is a product that serves as the utilitarian foundation of the entire movement. 

Unlike most legacy websites and mobile apps, the purpose of WaveCenter is not to give you a way to wile away your hours while lining you up for advertisers like ducks in a shooting gallery, but to help you be more efficient and productive, and to improve the quality of your life. 

Most legacy social applications are designed to keep the user on the site/app as long as possible. With AI natively incorporated into every aspect of the platform, WaveCenter is intended to help the user find what they need and accomplish what they need to do as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to put more time and energy into doing what they want to do. 

Think of a Digital Life Management (DLM) Platform as like a Large Language Model, web browser, social media, search engines, news sites, productivity apps, and pretty much every other kind of app, all rolled up into one omni-app. Think an open source, blockchain based, crowdsourced and crowdfunded WeChat+.

A DLM is a clean and simple portal to access all the people, information, data, and functionality that you currently access through the desktop, mobile, or projected devices

But rather than visiting dozens or hundreds of different websites and mobile apps, each with their separate logins and cookies and idiosyncratic implementations, with WaveCenter you have one intuitive interface that provides a consistent view of information. 

The UX provides standard, intuitive methods to search, filter, drill, scroll, add, edit, delete, (CRUD) and all other standard behaviors. So whether you are looking for a place to live, a task for a project you’re working on, or someone to date, the way you get to what you are looking for is the same.  

The underlying philosophy of this design is that it’s about the information, not the presentation of the information. 

At the heart of the WaveCenter DLM is your own profile where you manage all your preferences, privacy, properties, contacts, and other aspects of your digital life.

From there you can fan out to a virtually limitless array of applications and content, either within your own domain or outside of it. Your filters and masks ensure that you see only the information that you need or want, and only reveal as much information about yourself as you choose to.

Based on modern Web3 technologies and principles, the scalable platform provides frameworks, development tools, blockchain, AI, APIs, and other foundational features upon which we can dock a virtually limitless array of applications. 

WaveCenter is like a futuristic mothership that all the apps and data currently available through the web can gradually be incorporated into. 

In and of itself, the concept of a new category of SaaS known as Digital Life Management Platform is a project of epic proportions, as it effectively aims to drink the milkshakes of virtually every other web and mobile app on the market. But this project also depends on the underlying shift to a GameB society, which is even more monumental.

Fortunately, the plans to execute on WaveCenter are the same ones needed to launch the overall GameB movement. Read on to learn more about these strategies.

Let’s Create Reality Together

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Following are some of the thought leaders who are helping clarify the socioeconomic dynamics that WaveCenter is tapping in to.