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Welcome to WaveCenter

Integrated AI

Artificial Intelligence is one of the four cornerstones of the WaveCenter Platform infrastructure, along with blockchain, game layer, and Web3. 

AI will be employed ubiquitously throughout the WaveCenter ecosystem for countless uses that are yet to be imagined. But here are a few of the key ways that AI will be utilized as soon as development allows.

AI Personal Assistant//Coach (PAC)

The AI PAC is each users’ personal assistant and life coach. It learns as much as the user wants it to know about their life and factors that against it’s learning to come up with helpful solutions to the users’ challenges and opportunities. It can find information, manage scheduling, clean up email, order groceries, teach you how to do anything you need to know to do. 

The PAC is intended to be the users’ personal valet or concierge. But it can also be more of a coach; encouraging and guiding the user to improve themselves and make more of their lives.

The PAC can be designed to the users specifications, and can be fine-tuned in countless ways. 

AI-Driven Coding/Development

The WaveCenter Platform will require a great deal of coding. We are further trying to break this coding down into modular tasks. The idea is to have a native no-code development application similar to AirTable built into the WaveCenter platform. This no-code builder app will be natively integrated with the game layer, blockchain security, and with the AI LLM. 

The LLM will allow users to verbally describe the code they want the AI to write, and it will write the code according to all established coding conventions and best practices. 

AI will respond to your verbal instructions and make whatever changes are needed within the no-code app via API calls.

AI Alignment Projects

As a giant collection of Humanity closely linked to AI, WaveCenter will focus on the AI Alignment Issue by marshaling the collective consciousness of the membership to serve as a training tool for AI to see a rational, intentional view of Humankind. 

The Project Management Game will be the springboard for many projects aimed at solving the AI alignment problem. 

Query Engineering Training

One of the emerging opportunities for Humans in the years to come will be training AI and mastering AI to make it our loyal servant instead of a snarling beast. No doubt among the early content offerings on WaveCenter will be training on query engineering.

Members of WaveCenter will be encouraged to learn all they can about mastering AI, and sharing their knowledge with the community. 

This is a critical function as we commit to embracing AI technology. 

Ubiquitous AI

Whatever applications and features we develop, a standard question will be, ‘How can we employ AI to make this app easier and more efficient to use?’ Virtually every feature of the WaveCenter and every app built on top of it will have AI enhancements of one form or another.

Let’s Create Reality Together

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