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The Ultimate Blockchain Directory will be the ultimate directory of the blockchain ecosystem similar to how IMDB is the ultimate lookup of the movie industry. We will deploy a directory site similar to how we created for Apstra. In this site, we will list every company, product, service, protocol, platform, article, video, people and every other object associated with blockchain, all organized with a clear taxonomy of categories and tags and cross-referenced. 

We will populate the site with the help of low-cost research contractors through Upwork, starting with with all the major players discovered from blockchain ecosystem graphics and expanding from there. We will begin by setting up the listings to have a robust directory, and from there expand into building dedicated pages for key entities or topics. 

The idea is to dominate SEO for blockchain. By creating dedicated, optimized pages for key topics, and eventually into longer tail topics with lots of internal and external links to high-quality, relevant content, we can become a staple result for any blockchain related queries. 

Business Model

There are several potential revenue streams with this project: 

  • Lead sales
  • Lead generation for training and bizopps
  • Premium listings
  • Advertising

Of these, Lead Sales is probably the most lucrative. We capture attention with our content, but also with engaging surveys, quizzes, etc. Once we have captured a lead through our content marketing program, we know a lot about their interests from all this engagement. We can then sell targeted leads to companies. 

I’m not sure how this business model is holding up in these post-GDPR world, but one way or the other, we can monetize all the contact and engagement data from this site.