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Welcome to WaveCenter

Frictionless Exchange

WaveCenter is a walled garden with its own native game layer, cryptocurrency, and trustless environment. This the ideal format for frictionless exchange of goods and services. 

Unlike the clunky multi-step process for ordering products and services online with credit cards or other payment methods like Paypal, WaveCenter will have a one-click process for buying something. 

Simply click the ‘purchase’ button, and the product/service is yours. Tokens are instantly debited from your wallet and and credited to the vendor’s wallet. 
Financial transactions are just the most obvious way that frictionless exchange will manifest on WaveCenter. The system will be designed from the ground up to eliminate friction in all forms of engagement on the platform. 

Let’s Create Reality Together

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Following are some of the thought leaders who are helping clarify the socioeconomic dynamics that WaveCenter is tapping in to.