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Welcome to WaveCenter


As a subset of blockchain, crypto currency is a fundamental aspect of the WaveCenter Platform. The purpose of the native cryptocurrency and the tokens that represent it is to provide a frictionless and trustless ecosystem. 

The name of the native cryptocurrency has not been determined. The name ‘Drop’ is a possibility, as it evokes the drop in water image that represents the concentric circles of WaveCenter. However, the word ‘drop’ is not necessarily the best word to use for a cryptocurrency, as it could connote a drop in value. 

The name of the cryptocurrency will ultimately be named by consensus of the members anyway. 

Crypto will be earned by members for their efforts on the project as recorded by the game layer. Thus, the value of the WaveCenter cryptocurrency is pegged to Human Attention Time as it applies to the WaveCenter project. 

Once earned, crypto redeemable for a growing offering of digital and material products and services. However, redeeming crypto will not be possible for the first three Waves, since there won’t have been enough development done or enough capital to acquire products or services. 

The project is intended to be an investment, so members cashing out in the early stages will be discouraged. However, as the size of the membership grows and cash equivalent assets increase, the available offerings will expand into a bona fide ecosystem in it’s own right. 

Let’s Create Reality Together

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Following are some of the thought leaders who are helping clarify the socioeconomic dynamics that WaveCenter is tapping in to.