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Communication Console

Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Messenger, Teams, Hangouts, WhatsApp, SnapChat, WeChat, Slack, Discord, Skype, Zoom, texts…

Give me a break!

How did it come to this? Why are we spread out across all these different apps in terms of simply communicating with others. 

The Communication Console (Con) is a core feature of the WaveCenter Digital Life Management Platform (DLM). It incorporates every aspect of communications applications, including contact managers, blogging, podcasting, marketing automation, and others into a single, intuitive application. 

It starts with a Contacts database that can be easily organized in various ways through a visual interface. 

Messages can be crafted with built in LLM automatically formatted for whichever medium it is being sent through. 

Send lists are assembled with simple, visual builder tool.

Basically you just decide who you want to send to, choose a format, get the basic thought out, and AI takes care of the rest, including monitoring to make sure you don’t send the wrong thing to the wrong person or say something stupid. 

All forms of media are incorporated into one app. Email, chat, discussion, video conferencing, phone, texts, calendars, etc. And it can be extended with other adjacent apps like marketing automation, project management, collaboration, social sharing, and other apps that involve communication.  

The exact feature set will be determined by collaboratively compiling a list of features from all the leading communication platforms, doing a merge/purge to distill the most important features, and designing a simple and robust multi-purpose tool.

The Con incorporates all the standard UX features such as search, filter, sort, add, edit, delete, leaving only the few controls needed to construct and send messages in the application workspace.  

As with all other applications on the WaveCenter platform, all Con features are natively integrated with the game layer, and all interactions are credited as engagement. 

Communication is a primal Human imperative, and the Con will be among the very first features developed for the WaveCenter DLM.

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