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Application Docking Station

The World Wide Web that currently serves as the backbone of our civilization has been developing in an ad hoc fashion over a period of 30 years. It rides atop the Internet and telecommunications infrastructure that had been developing for 30 years prior to that. 

The people who designed the systems over the years figured it all out as they went along in a great big free-for-all. There was no master plan. And at all stages of it’s development, the process was driven by the steady drumbeat of capital markets, which consistently emphasize speed and profitability over quality and longevity.

Consequently, the current state of the web is a chaotic mess. It is a modern day bazaar, where every click you make results in more and more ads, cookies, and popups. 

The time has come for a new generation of Web3 applications to supplant the legacy platforms such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. 

WaveCenter is intended to be among this next generation of platforms, and the Application Docking Station is a key aspect of the architecture. 

The idea behind the Application Docking Station is that most applications, regardless of their core purpose, provide the same basic functions, such as:

  • Search
  • Filter
  • List
  • Tables
  • Scroll
  • Drill
  • View
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Clone
  • Drag
  • Drop
  • Etc.

Many applications provide the same basic functions, which boils down to allowing users to query databases to find the data they are looking for and then providing it to them in their desired format. Whether the database is full of cars, apartments, insurance quotes, or possible dates, the functionality and interface are essentially the same. 

The user sets the parameters of their query, scroll through the results, drill into the details of the best matches, and engage with the ones they want to invest their time and/or money in. 

So the Application Docking Station is basically the program to replicate existing SaaS applications on the WaveCenter platform. The strategy is to identify the most useful, in-demand applications, through consensus. For examples: 

  1. Dating app
  2. Crypto trading app 
  3. IMDB clone
  4. On demand video

We then analyze the existing products on the market and collaboratively develop a feature set based on our analysis that provides the optimal balance of feature set and simplicity. 

The Application Docking Station includes all the AI-enhanced tools required to reverse engineere an app, develop functional specs, design specs, preset modules, and instructions to assemble them into a unified WaveCenter app. 

That application is then developed on the WaveCenter PMG and natively integrated into the AI, game layer, and blockchain substrate.

In this fashion, a growing team of crowdsourced collaborators will expand into the legacy Web 1 and 2, searching for useful applications to port into WaveCenter through the Application Docking Station.

Ultimately, we will recreae every useful part of the web on an entirely new stack and the latest Web3 technologies. 


Let’s Create Reality Together

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